Monday, 23 May 2011

Wizard Week 2011: Day One

Hello Hello!

It’s Monday and you know what that means!!! It’s the first day of Wizard Week 2011! HOORAY! If you’re not sure what that means then listen up. Every weekday, the drawing on my website will be wizard-themed. Over here on my blog, I’ll be uploading wizard-themed drawings that people have sent in. If you want to participate then you can, just send it over via email (timothy UNDERSCORE winchester AT yahoo DOT com) before Thursday…

So, without further ado, roll on the wizards!!!

Our first entry is from Katy and is actually (at time of writing) the latest submission. Katy has opted to draw a follow-up to this Wizarding Wednesday. It’s good to see the witch get her own back on those beardy wizards. Sometimes I don’t think they realise how rude they’re being. I’m sure they don’t mean it. But I totally mean it when I say thank you very to Katy for this submission – it’s a great way to start off Wizard Week 2011!

This happy-looking fellow was in by lovely Tom. Tom is a pal from work who didn’t laugh/punch me when I asked him to draw a wizard. Tom opted for the instantly recognisable medium of MS Paint. I really like the colour choices Tom’s made for the wizards clothes – purple is obviously the most magical colour after “rainbow.” Thanks Tom!

Speaking of work pals – the next submission is from Danny. Danny is also a pal from work and he enjoys cycling. I don’t know the last time I tried riding a bike but I totally tried drawing one recently – and it was a disaster! But that’s a story for another time – back to wizard talk. Danny has drawn an angry-looking wizard who I wouldn’t want to mess with. It’s important to remember that not all wizards are good! 

Speaking of good, OMG! This wizard was submitted by Henki from Airside Japan! Henki sent in a lovely Jessica Fletcher during Jessica Fletcher Week 2010, so it’s great to have him getting involved again. Henki has drawn Orko, the floaty wizard from He-Man. I don’t remember much about Orko as I was more of a ThunderCats fan, but I like his hat! It’s especially wizardly…although since when was red a colour of wizards? Regardless, excellent work as always Henki! I totally owe you one!

Uh oh – looks like I spoke too soon about wizarding colour choices… This Lizard Wizard was sent in by Pandora, who I’ve met a few times at MCM. Pandora gets a special shout out – not just for some excellent punnery, but for spotting today’s spelling bee joke before I’d posted it. That’ll teach me to drag a joke out! Anyways – excellent wizard work!

Watch out! It’s our first Wizard Week comic strip! And this one was sent in by Luke. I suspect, between you and me, that Luke may be a wizard himself as every time I see him, he’s lugging round a HUGE bag. I assume this bag is full of wizarding items like cloaks and wands and stuff…but I’m not sure. I should probably ask him. Either way, great work Luke!

Not content with sending in just one wizard, Mark sent in THREE wizards! Wowsers. It’s nice to be reminded that wizards are people too so I’m glad Mark has chosen to highlight the various things that wizards get up to when they aren’t casting spells and stuff. I mean, if I was a wizard, I’d go on holiday and stuff. BONUS FACT: I went bowling recently and did quite well!

If you’re not sitting down, you might want to find the nearest chair. Someone has sent in a brilliantly brooding drawing of Harry “Super Famous” Potter. Not only that, but they’ve done a great job. And that person is Anna! HOORAY FOR YOU! I know Anna’s pretty busy with revising and stuff so I’m extra pleased with this submission – although obviously revising is VERY important! Thanks for taking the time out Anna…now get back to studying! The future is important!

I have a terrible confession to make. I don’t know much about the Discworld books. But don’t worry! Natasha does and she’s sent in a wizard-related drawing to prove it! I’m not sure what I enjoy most about this drawing – it’s between the beard, the shoes or the wizard on the left’s pie-craving smile. I’m well-versed in pulling that smile, but mainly when I want cake… Thanks Natasha! Which Discworld book should I start with?

Amanda from Truly Ace went the extra mile with her submission. Normally working with just vectors, she did a drawing on paper for his! She wrote a very interesting blurb about the process which I’m link to HERE.
I hope Amanda doesn’t mind me linking to it – but I always find drawing processes quite interesting. ANYWAYS – back to the wizards! This wizard is pretty brave to be fronting in his pants. Although, maybe all wizards just wear pants underneath their robes. I wouldn’t know – I’m too polite to ask. First one to find out wins a prize. Thanks for sending this in Amanda! Hope you will continue to give paper a chance!

Out final wizard for the day is from Bryony. The wizard is called Sanjeev and he is a CAT! A WIZARD CAT! He manifests his magic through his handler-human, George. This makes sense since I guess cats can’t hold wands and stuff…and they are much cuter than humans too. Why aren’t all wizards cats? Anyways – thanks Bryony! You’re ace. I’ll take you to more weird museums as a prize.

So that’s the first day of Wizard Week 2011. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Feel free to send in your wizard drawing if you’re feeling inspired. And if you’re one of the people from today and you want me to change/add/remove any of the links/information then get in touch. I’m a bit frazzled from all the writing so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d made some mistakes.

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Anna said...

YAY! Thanks Timothy! :D And don't worry, I've been studying hard ;)

It really was nice to take a break from it all and draw a wizard! Haha ~

I'll say it again, I'm super glad that you liked it!

And congrats to all the other awesome wizards! Yay!