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Boyfriend Week 2012: Day Five

Hello hello!

It's the final day of Boyfriend Week 2012. I really hope you've enjoyed all the new boyfriends. Do you have your eye on any of them? I could totally put a good word in for you if you want? I know I'm pretty sweet on a few of them so things could get pretty awkward.

But anyways. Enough about me - here is (are?) the final batch of boyfriends that have been sent along by lovely people. Be prepared! 

The first boyfriend today is Montague St John-Deschanel the Third - as drawn by the lovely James. Normally I would write some blurb here about the boyfriend in question...but you have eyes. You can read all the amazing things for yourself. A special shout-out to the unicorn and the massive lunch box - who wouldn't want to give those two a special shout-out? Thanks so much James! I'll pay you back with some high fives... You can follow James on Twitter too! Hooray!

Next up it's Jeremy K. Fleming - a deer boyfriend sent along by Geggs. Jeremy has a red tie - a similar tie to the one that Toby wears so maybe that's a good indication of things to come? Also, without scaring you, do Jeremy's eyes follow you around the room? Is he... is he f-f-flirting with us? Hmmm... Regardless, mega thanks to Geggs for sending him along. You can follow Geggs on Twitter!

So... once upon a time, I asked a pal to draw something in my sketchbook and lo - Adventurous Cat was born from the pen and brain of Steve. I like Adventurous Cat so much that I declared him an entry into Boyfriend Week. I'm not sure if I cleared this with Steve but I'm sure he won't mind... FUN FACT: The rest of this page is full of ideas for future story lines for the People I Know gang. But that's a story for another time. Mega thanks to Steve for not kicking me in the face for uploading Adventurous Cat as part of Boyfriend Week. You can follow Steve on Twitter if that helps?

This is Mini C - a boyfriend sent along by Helen. This is what Helen had to say about the mysterious Mini C:
No one wants to be dumped by a greasy, smelly mini cheddar... That would be awful.
Helen is right. Getting dumped by a cheese-flavoured snack must be pretty grim... but who knows, maybe Mini C is a sweetheart that will never dump you? Fingers crossed. I mean, I don't know him, but you could at least give him a shot, right? Thanks to Helen for sending Mini C along.
Who is this dream dreamboat? It's Link as drawn by Rus. No - not *that* Link - the other one. Here is Rus to explain:
I drew Brendan Fraiser in his role as Link from California Man because I figured both Link and Toby can reminisce about the good old days and how they're both from a time long forgotten.
Rus has a point. Talking about 'the good old days' is always a nice way to bond. Plus, Link is a bit of a stud, right? Thanks for sending him in, Rus! I'm probably going to end up buying the DVD of California Man now just to remind myself about 'the good old days.' You can follow Rus on Twitter over here.

Next up is the lovely Boyfriend-O-Saurus as drawn by Craig. Here is what Craig had to say about this dreamy dinosaur:
I have no idea how many other dinosaurs have been potential suitors, but this Boyfriend-O-Saurus is at least a herbivore, so there's no chance of 'accidental eatage'. B-O-S has made an effort- he knew you where coming so he baked a cake! So if the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, he's off to a good start- and if Toby is lucky he may even get to lick the spoon!
Oh la la - spoon-licking! On a Friday? Saucy! B-O-S certainly has a charming smile but I'm a bit worried about his food hygiene standards. Look at that broken egg, just causing a stink on the floor! I hope he cleans it up properly! But Craig has clearly done his homework - Toby really does have a thing for cake... Thanks for sending this in Craig! You can follow Craig on Twitter too!

Say hello to Rex - a boyfriend sent along by Ben. Ben gets bonus points for creating Rex on his way to the gym and in record time. Here is what we know about Rex:
Toby fancies him because he has both a tattoo of an anchor AND an earring. Rex breaks Toby's heart when he comes home with a hickey on his neck from a stegosaurus, and then tries to eat him."
Goodness me. That's a tale and a half... Or do I mean "a tail and a half?" Tee hee. But yes - Rex is clearly some sort of heartbreaker! I'm not sure I would allow Toby to even talk to such a scoundrel! And cheating with a stegosaurus! What a floozy! Thanks to Ben for sending him along. Thanks Ben!

I could be described as a lot of things (my favourite so far is "aggressively friendly") but I have never been called 'laid back...' unlike the next boyfriend: Pablo the sassy sloth! Pablo was created by Jason, who has been kind enough to tell you everything you need to know about Pablo in the above drawing. Although I'm mostly drawn to Pablo's long arms for hugging, you can't fail to be impressed by his 366 eukaryotic organisms. I'm not even sure what 'eukaryotic' means but 366 is a big number. Go Pablo! Thanks Jason for sending him along. You can follow Jason on Twitter too!
 It's time for me to get involved... possibly for the last time? Say hello to Quackso. I really have no idea what I was thinking when I drew him but you can't help buy love him, right? Those eyelashes! That hat! Welcome to Swoon City. Population: You. Here is what I wrote about Quackso after his birth:
QUACKSO!!! Quackso is a fat duck who loves his curves and his eyelashes. He shares Toby’s obsession with cake but is a bit more confident when it comes to approaching people. Quackso collects hats.
And there you have it. Quackso. 

As you may or may not know, I have a job. I asked lots of people in the office to take part in Boyfriend Week 2012 and this is one of the responses. This is Spike as drawn by Simon. I asked Simon to tell me some facts about Spike and he told me the following:
  • Spike is 28 years old
  • Spike is a paleontologist
  • Spike enjoys snowboarding
Sounds like a catch to me! Thanks to Simon for sending him along.

This boyfriend was sent in by Joe and I was a bit worried that he'd been reading my mind when I first saw it. In today's comic, the evil sun suggests that Toby go out with her meteorite pal - and look! Joe has sent in this super cute meteorite as a potential boyfriend. Is it a sign? Are they destined to be together? Here is what Joe had to say:
You'll notice that he is a flaming meteorite in the hope that their relationship will go some distance to rectifying the long-apparent social gulf between dinosaurs and meteorites.
Personally, I think they make a super cute couple. Thanks to Joe for sending him in. You can follow Joe on Twitter over here!

Boyfriend Week 2012 takes a dramatic turn with Vlah - a boyfriend sent along by Dick. Here is what Dick wrote about Vlah:

This is Vlah. He is a nomadic centaur. He has many wives but spends most of his time in solitude. Wandering the wide-open steppe. 
Wow. So, Vlah already has some wives! However, they clearly aren't enough for him so he's after a bit of Toby on the side. Mysterious! Although I'm not sure whether or not I approve of his motives, I *am* very impressed with Vlah's forward planning. Look at all the stuff he's carrying with him. He will be useful in any situation... oh... unless it's all just emotional baggage? That would suck. I guess we'll have to ask Dick to find out for us. Super thanks to Dick for sending him along. You can follow Dick on Twitter over here. 

Next up is a game sent along by Lizz - the comic drawing wizard who is cute as a button and twice as useful... Here we go...

Here are your options. Prepare yourself!
Alright then... who are you going to choose? Think carefully - Toby's happiness hangs in the very balance! YOU COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING! Once you've had a think, make sure you picture them clearly in your mind...

Are you thinking about them? 

Keep picturing them...

Keep going...



Alright then! 


Here is your... oh...

Sorry everyone! You missed out on Card D - and that was Alan! If you've ever played the popular (with my pals) card game Heart Throb then you'll be familiar with Alan. I know quite a lot of people that wouldn't mind getting *more* familiar with him... but is Toby one of them? Time will tell. Thanks to Lizz for making this game and sending it along. You can follow her on Twitter over here...

The next boyfriend puts the ultimate into penultimate - it's Melbourne Carmichael as drawn by the fair hand of Luke! Here is Luke's biography of Melbourne:

Melbourne Carmichael is a small omnivorous therapod and amateur hair surgeon whose hobbies include running, grooming, going for drinks with friends and managing his collection of vintage milk packaging and associated ephemera. A rapacious killer when required, he also has a sensitive side and is well liked for his engaging delivery of anecdotes which are rich in his uniquely wry sense of humour. He has self published several dozen e-books of contemporary short fiction and is a regular contributor to the website, regularly commenting on a wide variety of user-submitted video content. He was born in Gloucester but in 2010 moved to Cheltenham.
That pretty much answers any and every question I had about Melbourne. He certainly has an incredibly...uh...diverse range of interests. And none of them involve cake! But you know, maybe it would do Toby some good to go out with someone unlike him. Plus, I can't remember the last time I saw such sexy eyebrows! Maybe Toby could go out with Melbourne and I could go out with his eyebrows? Hmmm... But yes - thanks to Luke for sending this along. You can follow Luke on Twitter over here.

You're not imagining things...that really is a super cool, giant rabbit standing in front of you. His name is Kevin and he was sent along by Dan. Here is what Dan had to say about Kevin:
All I know is that his name is Kevin and he is a very large rabbit… Apart from that, I know nothing. Oh, rumour has it he once snogged Aston from JLS.
I think Dan is holding out on us. For a start, Kevin has a tattoo which means that he is cool and dangerous. Next up - the cute and fluffy tail shows that he likes to take care of himself. He also appears to have an iPhone but I'll let you draw your own conclusions from that. Thanks to Dan for sending him along. You can follow Dan on Twitter over here!

And that's it. Boyfriend Week 2012 is over. Sort of. Check out the website on Monday - some stuff might get resolved. Maybe? But until then, have a lovely weekend and don't forget to keep an eye out for any more potential boyfriends for Toby. I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Oh - and if you want to draw a boyfriend, get it to me by Sunday and maybe I'll do a bonus day or something?

Thanks so much to everyone that read all this and to everyone that sent along a boyfriend. Great work!

Have a brilliant weekend

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