Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Boyfriend Week 2012: Day Two

Hello hello!
It's Day Two of Boyfriend Week 2012! Eeeeeeeeeeee!

You've already read today's drawing so you know how well/badly the hunt for Toby's 500th boyfriend is coming along. But don't worry - some lovely people have sent in some lovely potential boyfriends. HERE THEY ARE!!

Look! This potential boyfriend was sent in my Sammy! It's a cake-baking dreamboat! Everyone loves cake and Toby can't get enough of it. And who can blame him? Cake is amazing. I imagine that Toby would be very happy with a cake-baking dreamboat for a boyfriend - especially with such a cool hat. Thanks Sammy! You can follow Sammy on Twitter over here.

Speaking of cakes - check out this boyfriend as sent in by Truly Ace Design! You can check out the original sketch on her website... I can't tell you much about this boyfriend other than that he's a cake and he's holding a cake and that he seems like a decent guy. I am fond of the sassy hand-on-hip too. I should start doing more stuff like that. Thanks for sending this along. Oh! You can follow Truly Ace over on Twitter too!

Watch out! Boyfriend coming through! This boyfriend was sent in by Laura and here is what she had to say about him:

He's called Hubert - his hair is made from leaves to try and encourage Toby to eat vegetation rather than humans (and to give him some health after all that cake munching), and he carries a can of oil to smooth Toby's achy, dry scales. He also wears a safari jacket, because he's ready for ADVENTURE!
Laura is a smart lass - Toby's cake-obsession can't be healthy so some extra greens can't be a bad thing. And Adventures?!?!?! Yes please! I hope Hubert and Toby get along. I also hope that Toby isn't allergic to the oil. Thanks for sending this boyfriend along Laura. You can follow Laura on Twitter here.

It's time for a potential boyfriend from my mind! Hooray! This is Conan and here is what I wrote about him when I was clearly going a bit doolally:
Conan lives in the freezer in Toby’s office. He doesn’t like going out much during hot days, preferring to stay inside and plan out new combinations of flavours to try out.
That's Conan! Keep an eye out for him - you'll be seeing a lot of him over the summer (just not in the comic)...

This is Frank! He's a dinosaur! He was sent in by Shane. Hooray! As you can see, Frank has some exciting powers...some of which I think Toby would be *very* interested in. I mean, who wouldn't want a boyfriend that could create various cakes and doesn't want to eat you BFF? I like his smart tie - I used to wear a lot of ties but then I put on weight and can't fit into any of my old shirts. Boo hoo... Thanks for sending him in Shane! You can follow Shane on Twitter over here.

Watch out! It's a pixelspider as created by Trev! Here is what Trev had to say about him:
It's a pixelspider, with a present, apparently wrapped in the Swedish flag. PROBABLY NOT POISONOUS.
I'm pretty scared of spiders but pixelspider seems like a nice guy. He's smiling. He has a gift. Who doesn't like smiles and gifts? Even from a spider! Also, he has a cute nose, eh? I wonder what is in that present. Hmmmm... Thanks for sending pixelspider along, Trev! You can follow Trev on Twitter! Hooray!

 The Internet loves cats. I quite like them... but I'm crazy about Professor Puffletron. The Professor was sent in by the combined efforts of Tom and Tim - two fine fellows who clearly have an eye for how to make a cat even cooler. Here is what they had to say about Professor Puffletron:
He has style and panache (just look at that hat and moustache!) and is generally pretty fluffy. Although be warned that not only is Professor Puffletron always plotting some nefarious scheme, he also has a TERRIBLE, DARK SECRET...
Bad news - I don't know what the TERRIBLE, DARK SECRET is... and I'm not sure I want to know. What I *do* want to know is where Professor Puffletron got such a nice hat from. Thanks to Tom and Tim for sending him along. You can follow Tom and Tim on Twitter! They are different people so you get two different links...

Hey good looking! Who sent you here? Hammo? My BFF-to-be? Oh cool. Here is what Hammo had to say about this potential boyfriend:
He's a web designer and his name is Dan Chervil. At first glance he might seem a bit too cool for school - see bobble hat, stylish hairdo and fancy-shoes-with-no-socks (dead giveaway). Plus he only listens to bands that nobody's ever heard of (see t-shirt - the only reason he's heard of Owen Wilson's Nose, or OWN as fans know them, is that he went to school with the drummer and designed their first EP cover). He is very nice though, funny, thoughtful, with a wry, slightly sarcastic sense of humour, and he's very talented in the kitchen. When he was young, his mother would enter his jams and cakes into competitions at their local village fete as her own, often winning.
I want to listen to Owen Wilson's Nose so much! They sound amazing! In fact, Dan in general just sounds brilliant. I'm impressed by anyone that is good in the kitchen, mostly because I'm terrible at it. Boo hoo. Plus, I'm sort of thinking about going to buy myself some brown shoes and a nice blue cardigan. That's not weird, right? Either way, thanks to Hammo for introducing us all to Dan. You can follow Hammo on Twitter too!

I think that's it for Day Two of Boyfriend Week 2012. I hope you're enjoying it so far...

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