Monday, 14 May 2012

Boyfriend Week 2012: Day One

Boyfriend Week starts today! Everyone at People I Know is trying to find Toby his 500th boyfriend so he can be dumped 500 times in time to celebrate the 500th webcomic... I promise it made sense somewhere along the line.

I asked you all to send in some potential boyfriends for Toby and was overwhelmed with the amazing submissions. Each day of Boyfriend Week will feature one of the above boyfriends too - I wanted to suggest some boyfriends too.

So, without further ado... bring on the boyfriends! (I think you can click on them for a larger image)

This is Jeremy - as drawn by Pandora. Here is what we know about Jeremy:
Jeremy is a vegetarian Sagittarius who likes romantic strolls along the beach, Gilbert and Sullivan, and yachting. (Or rather hosting parties on his moored yacht, as he's rubbish at nautical things).
Jeremy was the first boyfriend in my inbox so it only seems right that he gets to go first. Plus he has a nice smile. You can follow Pandora over on Twitter. Thanks Pandy!

 Next up, it's Cosmojoe as created by James. Here is what James wrote about Cosmojoe:
This is Cosmojoe, self-acclaimed 'Psychormorphic Lover' who comes from outer space. He (also potentially a she) is some form of stellar matter beyond the comprehension of Earth's basic scientific knowledge. Cosmojoe is capable of changing shape and nature and after establishing a telepathic link with someone can appear and morph into whatever form they desire. This is why I figure he's ideal for Toby - he's a willing lover who will be whatever Toby wants. Plus he's a bit spacey, offers potential for constant spontaneity and excitement and there's no other guy quite like him on Earth.
Spacey! You can follow James on Twitter over here. Thanks for introducing us to Cosmojoe! I hope him and Toby get along...

Next up, it's THREE BRAND NEW BOYFRIENDS from the brilliant brain of Darren! It's Paul (the sinister balloon), Phillip (the happy faun) and Francis (the melancholy robot boy)! Personally, I couldn't go out with Paul because I hate that balloon-rubbing noise. It drives me crazy and hugging would be out of the question. Phillip seems like a decent guy and being happy is (almost) always a good thing. And Francis. Oh Francis. Someone needs a hug, don't though. To be honest, I'm not sure which one I would choose. But this isn't about me - it's about Toby. I'll have to ask him. Anyways, thanks Darren! These are great. You can follow Darren on Twitter here!

Hello! Who is this dreamboat? It's Garyton Delicious St. Hat as sent in by the lovely Ben! Garyton came with this description:
He has a lovely fruit hat, who could resist?!

It's true - fruit is good for you and tasty so the only people that cold resist such a hat would be...uh...people allergic to fruit? Maybe? But even then, Garyton seems like such a nice chap that they'd have to be pretty tough to say no to such a lovely chap. Thanks for sending him along Ben! You can follow Ben on Twitter if you want.

I'm getting in on the fun too. Here is Bandit from today's drawing! I don't know what I was thinking when I drew him/them but here is the blurb that went along with the drawing:
Bandit might be the man or he might be the monkey… no one is really sure. What we do know is that Bandit is a cool dude that works in accounts and loves bananas…
*ahem* Moving swiftly on...

Say hello to Angus! Everything you might need to know about Angus is included in his handy drawing by the lovely David. He even included the following introduction:

Hey, this is ANGUS! He's a Paleontologist who got bored of digging so took up Baking! He's lovely, a great listener and he's hot! 

Totally perfect for Toby. He'd make cakes and, because of his Paleontological background he understands the needs of Dinosaurs like Toby. Wonderful.
I pretty much wish I was Angus... I bet he isn't scared of breaking eggs and can cook more than just beans on toast. Sigh. But yes - thanks so much to David for sending him along. You can follow David on Twitter too!

Do not adjust your monitor. You aren't seeing double. You aren't drunk (well... you could be). This is Hutch, as sent in by the lovely Nat! Here is what Nat has to say about Hutch:

Please find attached an image of Toby and his new boyfriend Hutch. It's an homage to my favourite Groening characters, Akbar and Jeff.... Toby is very happy now that he's found someone who really understands him. I called his boyfriend Hutch because I could easily photoshop his name out of other letters you'd drawn. Ha.
I'm so thrilled that Nat thinks that Toby and Hutch would get along so well. I hope that one day, Toby really will be happy. And also, that I'll get to wear a fez... Thanks for sending this in Nat. I'll pay you back one day! You can follow Nat on Twitter too!

Wrapping up the first day of Boyfriend Week 2012 is the lovely Böbbi Debonair - as drawn by the sassy lassy Kristyna! Here is what she had to say about this roller skating romeo:

Böbbi is an innovative young starlet of the French biochemistry scene. Lonely and longing for a companion to join him on his scientific odyssey, Böbbi has used his radical new discoveries and pioneering techniques to adapt his svelte physique into a figure tailored for affection.
Non-smoker, good sense of humour, own home and laboratory. 
When I first saw Böbbi Debonair, I was a little taken aback as I have that exact same top! I'm even wearing it as I type this. However, I don't have pincers or two hearts so I guess he's cooler. Sigh. Either way, I hope that him and Toby could find happiness together! Thanks for sending him along Krikri! Oh! You can follow Kristyna on Twitter!

That's it for Day One of Boyfriend Week! Swing by tomorrow for more handsome hotties! And thanks to everyone that has sent one along so far.

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