Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Boyfriend Week 2012: Day Three

It's the third day of Boyfriend Week 2012. I hope you are gripped by the tale of romance and dinosaurs! Here is a fresh batch of dreamboats to break your heart! 

The first boyfriend is this megahunk of muscle - Clinton. He was sent along by the lovely Jonathan, who had this to say about the flexing fittie:
Here's Clinton DuPrez for Boyfriend week. Bit of rich posho type like those off of "Chelsea". His chat-up line is "Worry not, I have a license for these guns!" followed by his trademark smile.
We're all friends here so let's be honest: if someone like Clinton talked about his guns, we'd *all* go weak at the knees, right? I'm pretty much weak at the knees just typing this. Oh. Speaking of knees, I like the look of those purple jeans. Maybe I should invest in some? Hmmm... Whilst I think about that, huge thanks to Jonathan for sending this along. You can follow Jonathan on Twitter over here.

Next up we have Sully Jones - bag o' bones, who was sent in by El Tacodor. Here is what he had to say about Sully:
Although Sully may appear scary to some, he is a gentleman and a scholar.

He loves Nigella Lawson, and although he is terrible at baking he does try.

He also enjoys midnight strolls, large bowls of cereal, and extreme sports.

Although being an avid novelist and somewhat of a deep thinker and philosopher, Sully's guilty pleasure is the TV show ' Dog the Bounty Hunter '

Sully is currently single and seeking a partner as unique as himself.
 That's a pretty impressive list of facts for a pretty impressive potential boyfriend. I don't think I really need to add anything else besides a huge thank you to El Tacodor for sending this along.

The next boyfriend for today is Marcus - as sent in by Camila. Camila even sent in this heartfelt letter explaining...well...everything. Here you go:
Dear Toby,

My friend Marcus is dying to take you out on a date, but is to shy to ask, so I thought I'd give him a little push.

Marcus' favourite things are pistachios, robots and cake. And in the past couple of weeks, it seems, also a certain dinosaur.

I don't actually know what he really looks like. You see, the boy is shape-shifter, so it's hard to tell. I like to think he was born a cat, but then, I've never met cat who doesn't like fish, so maybe not.

You can see some of his latest looks in the attached photograph.

Lots of love,

Camila x

Aaaaaaawwww... Cute. Thanks so much Camila! Marcus seems like such a nice guy...

Speaking of nice guys - say hello to yBot! He was created by Ben! Here is what Ben told us about yBot:
Meet yBot, the fully automated boyfriend. Enjoys long walks on the beach and binary code.
A fully automated boyfriend? I don't know what that entails but the mind boggles. My mind is boggling as I type. Personally, I love walking. I'm not fussed about walking on the beach but walking in general is something I enjoy. I wish I knew more about binary code... Maybe one day, eh? Mega thanks to Ben for sending him along. You can follow Ben on Twitter here...

This cute comic was sent in by a secret admirer. How mysterious. And it involves cake! Hooray! I bet Toby is super pleased with such a lovely-looking cake. If I were to guess - I would guess that the cake is strawberry flavoured. Thank you to the secret admirer that sent this along!

Say hello to Skelly - the skeleton baker! He was sent in by SteelCat. Yay! Here is what we know about Skelly:
This is the Skeleton Baker. He's a skeleton, so he looks kind of scary. But he's actually nice~ Skeleton Baker works at a bakery, of course, and he specializes in pies and cakes. If someone's mean to him or his friends, though, he can get really scary o.o
Looking out for your friends is an important thing so Skelly is a good egg in my mind. Plus he has a nice hat! Thanks for sending him along!

This is Blobby Brown - a potential boyfriend sent in my my pal Mia. Blobby's speech bubble tells you everything you need to know. Working as a strong man means he has a regular income which is always helpful. Plus, hand holding? Who doesn't enjoy that? Although neither Blobby or Toby actually have hands... oh... hmmmm... Thanks for sending such a dreamy dreamboat along Mia! Oh! You can follow Mia on Twitter over here...

Hey! It's time for a boyfriend from my brain! This dude is Thor - a magnificent, magical seal (sealion?)... Here is what I wrote about him after drawing him:
Thor isn’t like a normal seal… because he’s also a WIZARD! You can tell because he wears a wizard’s hat and glasses. No one is really sure whether he used to be a human – or even if his name is really Thor.

Thor, ladies and gentlemen! 

Speaking of gentlemen, say hello to Buddy Disco - the boyfriend sent in by lovely Dan. Not much is know about Buddy except that he is a cool cat who owns a go-kart (and a snazzy driving jacket). I can't drive, but if I could then I would want to look cool like Buddy Disco...and by 'cool' I mean 'a little creepy' but we mustn't judge. Maybe Toby likes them to be like that? FUN FACT: I don't think Toby can drive and I also suspect he's a bit scared of go-kart in general... I hope that him and Buddy could still get along. Thanks so much to Dan for sending this in. You can follow Dan on Twitter over here!

This is Bert - a boyfriend sent along by the lovely Rob. Everything you need to know about Bert and his sassy BFF Britney can be found in Rob's brain...but if you don't have access to that then this supercute comic should give you enough information. Maybe if we all ask Rob nicely enough, he'll be nice enough to make some more comics about Bert and Britney? Thanks for sending this along Rob! You can follow Rob on Twitter here...

Stud alert! This bad boy is Jellybean and he was sent in by Philippa. Here is what she had to say about him:
His name is Jellybean and he's got a bad attitude. He only gets away with it because he's so handsome.
Oh Jellybean - what a heartbreaker. Do you think Toby could go out with a boyfriend that had a bad attitude? Would he be blinded by the handsomeness?  I really don't know. Someone should ask him. Thanks to Philippa for sending Jellybean along. If you like Twitter then you can follow Philippa on it!

So yes. That's Day Three of Boyfriend Week 2012 done and dusted. I hope you're enjoying the boyfriends that you've seen so far. I know I am. Mega thanks to everyone that has sent some along.

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