Wednesday, 24 February 2010

BFF - Best Friends Forever!

I just wrote an email to a friend how this year at the Thing 2010 will be the first where I will know more than two other people selling stuff. And this will be my third year here. Isn't that crazy/depressing...

I'm pretty excited about the Thing - mainly because I've been working hard for the last few months to get everything sorted early. No more last minute dashes for me! Plus, I'm keen to see how the Dino-Saw-Us Project comes along. As long as at least one person gives it a go then I'll be happy!

Here is a random comic which was inspired by all those movies where two people stop hating each other after going on a madcap adventure. I wish that happened in real life - I spend half my life on public transport and since that's a bit of an adventure, I would have thousands of friends!

FUN FACT: I don't know what the Rainbow Chicken is or where it came from but I quite like it.

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lauren price said...

I definitely like Rainbow Chicken! APPROVED!