Tuesday, 23 February 2010


This was posted over at the Dino-Saw-Us blog...so I've just copy and pasted it here because I'm too stupid to know how 

DINO-SAW-US is an awesome sticker collector game that will launch at the Web and Mini Comix Thing March 27th 2010!

Artists- to be involved simply order your passport stickers from moo.com (£4.99 for a book of stickers) or get a passport style stamp made of your artwork, then mention you are part of the project so we can link you below. If you mention it on your blog too and spread the word then await millions of people (or maybe just two) who will visit your stall in order to collect their sticker (and hopefully buy loads of your stuff as well!)

Collectors- just come along to the Web and Mini Comix Thing in London (link below for details) where you can get a passport booklet for FREE! You can then take this passport to your favourite stalls who are participating and begin your collection of exclusive stickers! It's like a treasure hunt, but with stickers.

It's fun! And cool. And maybe you'll make some new friends.

Sorry if you read this and the right hand column so you read it twice (ha ha a trick!) Oh and the stickers/stamps you make don't have to be dinosaur related, we have just themed this to go with the Web and Mini Comix anthology theme this year which is DINOSAURS. You can make your stickers to go with your work (or dinosaurs if you want, anything is fine. But nothing rude.)

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