Friday, 26 February 2010

Lady Gaga versus Beyonce

So...I thought that the new Lady Gaga video for Telephone was going to be released this weekend. I don't know why I thought that but I must be mistaken since the entire world doesn't appear to be wetting themselves like they should be.

Top Three Reasons Why The World Should Be Excited About A New Lady Gaga Video:
  1. Lady Gaga will be in it!
  2. Beyonce will (possibly) be in it too!
  3. They will (possibly) do a dance together!

BONUS FACT: The song is brilliant and yet another example of Lady Gaga using my life as an inspiration for her song

1 comment:

Juan said...

Not possibly, Beyonce is totally in that video! Haven't you seen the promotional photos?

It's a sequel to the 'Paparazzi' video and Beyonce helps Lady Gaga escape jail! It sounds like I'm making this up but it's true...

*pat in the head*