Thursday, 4 February 2010

Twilight? Bella? Edward? What?

I tried reading Twilight so me and some other people would have something to talk about and bond over. I was pretty sure I'd love it - all those emotions and vampires and crying etc etc... but it just. did. my. head. in.


Seriously. I mean, I know I have high standards (Harry Potter! The Chrestomanci books! Computer game instruction manuals!) but Twilight was just so absurd. I have no trouble believing in vampires...but how could anyone invest any emotion in a character as hideous as Bella? Please, tell me - I need to know. Why would you make your main character be such a miserable turd?

It's a shame really, since the overall story (sexy vampires wanna smooch your face) is totally up my street.

Thanks for ruining it Bella. Thanks for ruining EVERYTHING!


lauren price said...

"Computer game instruction manuals!"


axms said...

I feel I may love you for this.. I've often felt as sexy as Edward is that he's missing a cape..

P.s. I'm not sure if you remember me but we met at London Expo and I bought a pink and purple Owl..

P.P.s. I promised we'd be the best of friends and haven't held up the bargain..

P.P.P.s. I Love you Mr. Winchester.

Kind Regards,

Sam King.