Monday, 16 August 2010

The Ballad of Barbara - page 1 discussed, here is the first page of People I Know #3... although I've renamed it "The Ballad of Barbara" since it's online and everything online needs a catchy title. See: two girls one cup, LOLcats etc etc

I made this comic a few years ago and although it looks pretty different to how I do stuff now, it's very much got a similar tone. Don't believe me? Well, just stick about!

IN OTHER NEWS: I had a really lovely Saturday at the WAW+P Drawing Party. I did some drawing, ate some cake and actually talked to people. Then I did some Real Job work in the evening. I forgot how to edit on Final Cut Pro so there was a fair bit of swearing. Sunday was spent cutting out owls, watching a Catherine Cookson movie (my new favourite things to watch!) and daydreaming. It's nice to go into the new week with a smile on my face.

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