Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Ballad of Barbara - page 20 + 21

The Ballad of Barbara is drawing to a close - I think there are only 25 pages or something. I've learnt lots and can't wait to put it into practice.

FUN FACT: The line "did a whoopsie" is my favourite line in the entire issue. It still makes me laugh and it perfectly sums up everything you need to know about Barbara.

Read the previous pages here!

IN OTHER NEWS: I think I'm coming down wih a cold since I appear to be creating enough snot to power a small country (if any small country is powered by snot). How grim. Still - I've had a really laid back day...because I am CLEARLY ill. Boo hoo.

IN OTHER OTHER NEWS: I made an animation for work ages ago and now I've put the song I made on my Tumblr. I hope you like it. Do you like it? Can we be friends now?


Bil said...

I like the 8-bit sound of it. Wonder what the animation looked like.

Bean Bell said...

I enjoy that she's still wearing her hairbow in bed :)