Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Harry Potter: Justin Bieber?

I find the global obsession with teeny tiny Justin Bieber quite alarming...but also interesting. Why is he so popular? Is he the modern equivalent of a unicorn? Is that why people love him? In some weird way I can understand why tweens might be attracted to the 'wildness' of Ke$ha...but Bieber is just so...wholesome? And young!

ANYWAYS! Here's You-Know-Who with precious partner-in-crime, Wormtail! In my mind, Wormtail is so weak-willed that he's always passionate about the latest crazes. This week it's Justin Bieber, back in 1994 it was probably Pogs.

Do you think Justin Bieber knows what Pogs are? Is he OLDER than Pogs??!!

FUN FACT: The Dark Lord originally killed Wormtail in this drawing...but I figured that was too grim. So instead they are going as Rose and Jack from Titanic. Together they will recreate that bit at the helm of the ship...how romantic!

IN OTHER NEWS: I am bastard tired.