Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lady Gaga Guessing Game

This is my dream sort of game - one with Lady Gaga in it! Woo! I feel bad because I haven't drawn her for a while...until now. And she'll be back next week with a super special drawing. I hope you like it! I hope you like me!

Speaking of hoping people like stuff - the bearded gentleman was someone I met at Caption. I drew this whilst I was there and I've checked that he doesn't mind...and he doesn't so HOORAY! Plus, he wins bonus points for talking to me about Scott Pilgrim and other exciting things.

If you ever want to be in a drawing then just make sure you're sitting next to me whilst I'm drawing. Or just ask? That's probably less odd?

1 comment:

Selina said...

Yay, for things drawn at Caption. I've now read Scott Pilgrim so don't have to stop people from talking about like I did with you guys at Caption!

You're in some of the Caption photos: