Friday, 13 August 2010

ThunderCats! + the next few weeks


It's Friday and this comic is being uploaded just for Lizz Lunney. It doesn't invovle her favourite ThunderCat...but it's the thought that counts.

Right - now here's my first proper announcement. Spooky, eh?

One day, I'd like to tell a story on here that lasts longer than three or six panels. I don't know what that story is yet but I'd like to tell it. But maybe you mysterious people that take the time to swing by here aren't that keen. I tried a mini-version with Super Virgins but that was only two pages.

So anyways, to see what you make of a longer strip being released a page a day, as of next week I'll start uploading an old issue of People I Know. It'll probably be issue three - the first one I started using the computer for. It's about a squid called Barbara that goes to school. And I'll be uploading a new page every day until it's finished. I really like it as a comic - even though it doesn't look like how I draw stuff nowadays.

I'll still upload the odd drawing now and again...and I'll totally still be blogging, it's just a chance to try something new. I really hope you like the comic!

Stay out of trouble


Lizz said...

Aw! especially for me? like the Jason and Kylie song? I do love lion-O. Actually and Panthero too- "Not leaving ma ba-by alone" my favourite Thundercats quote! (which I do a fine impression of don't you know!) But Tygra- oh to see him in a comic... write more please! No Snarf though (he sucks)

Bil said...

Sounds cool. As long as it keeps the odd/cute feeling of the current strips, I say go for it !

Welcome... said...

I'd love to see it. I think your work is absolutely superb & I can't wait to see what you produce.

Can Columbo be in it?


The Rubber Penguin

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