Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday = Funday

Sorry for the lack of blogs - it was MCM Expo at the weekend and it was super intense. I will totally write up my review of the whole thing though...but first, I need to write about my exciting adventure to Mount Super Fun!

I went to Mount Super Fun with two friends...but I don't like talking about people on the Internet because it seems odd. So, for the purposes of this blog, they shall be renamed Troy and Sassini. I made us meet up super early to catch the train

Once we'd paid to get into Mount Super Fun (we got there before the doors opened and were totally the first people there - except for the wiggly dog) there was a love machine. The lowest rating was "POOR FISH - TRY AGAIN." I was too scared to try it but I did try a machine later (why did they have so many?!) that told me I was "UNCONTROLLABLE"

There was also a wizard game where you shook hands with the wizard and he would tell you I didn't want to shake hands with a wizard but Troy did. Here is a picture:

An important thing to know about Mount Super Fun is that it has two exciting parts to explore - more if you're feeling generous. Firstly, there is a castle-type fort-thing. There were some bambi-deer which were cute until they got close up and one of them had a haunted lumpy dangly-thing attached to it which may have been trying to attach itself to us. I was a total coward and ran away - swiftly followed by Troy and Sassini. We hid in a tower which was smart since deer can't cope with stairs. In your face deer!

As well as the castle-part, there is a toy museum...which is where things get extra fun. I mean - TOY MUSEUM!!! To get to that part of Mount Super Fun, you need to walk up a hill...but this hill is full of DINOSAURS. Oh - and a talking tree - but that doesn't really count since the tree didn't talk to us on the way up. Sassini tried it on with a shark - but that all ended up in tears.

Speaking of tears - some of the toys were amazing. There was a Boudoir Doll and a doll with three faces and a giant ET and a bunch of coin-operated machines that put on little shows for you and even a Boy George waxwork! OMG! They also had waxworks of the Beatles but I thought the Boy George one was much better.

Sassini put on a mini puppet show for us which consisted of various puppets popping up to say "Hello! [name of puppet] here" and then disappearing. It was very post-post modern in my opinion. Also, it was ace.

Then we had a picnic under the catapult and it was very sunny. The goats and lumpy deer didn't bother us...possibly because they were scared of the catapult - who can say? We then went for a walk in the village, found out that there wasn't much else to do and returned to London. There, we went to the park and sang songs around the campfire..., we just went to the park and then went our separate ways.

So yeah - I had a lovely Friday. Thanks to Troy and Sassini for looking after me and going along with my time fascism. Next up, I need to write all about MCM Expo...

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