Sunday, 13 June 2010

MCM Expo: May 2010 - A Write Up!


It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper post or a proper drawing. I’d apologise but I have been making cartoons and that counts for something, right? I’m not going to link to them here since they are just a few posts down – go find them yourself.

Anyways! A few weeks ago was the MCM Expo at the Excel Centre. This was my second time having a stall there and it was just as amazing and intense as my first. Seriously – it’s just incredible.

So, unlike last year, I had pretty much done everything in advance – no more picking up packages 12 hours before the event. The main difference this time was that Lizz Lunney and I were running the Dino-Saw-Us Sticker Game which we’d tried out at the Thing 2010. It probably doesn’t sound like much, but I spent more time and energy pushing the Dino-Saw-Us passports than I did with my own stuff…and I’m really glad I did. It seemed to go down really well with the visitors and I was really pleased with the number of people that swung by to show me their completed passports. The only downside: I killed my voice. Boo hoo.

So yes. Saturday was the first day. I was dressed as 1960s Robin (Lizz was 1960s Batman) in an attempt to blend in. I don’t know if it worked but people came to visit my table. I felt quite uncomfortable when people just took a picture…but I feel like that even when I’m wearing normal clothes so *shrugs*

My table was in between Howard and Lizz – who was sharing with Paperlillies and Wirrow. It was nice to be able to leave the table in safe hands and I hope they didn’t mind sitting next to me. I had cake and juice so that should have helped.

One of the weirdest things from MCM Expo was the Scott Pilgrim posters hanging up. As you may or may not know – I’m a *massive* Scott Pilgrim fan so I took a photo and put it on Twitter. Someone asked for the other five posters which I snapped on my pissy iPhone camera and uploaded. Next up, Edgar Wright retweets a link to the photos (via someone’s Flickr) and my rubbish photos are popping up all over the Internet. Look! They even made it onto Empire! Hahahahahahahahaha…..Talk about weirding me out.

I had some hideous commuting experiences both to and from the Excel Centre which I won’t talk about. Except that I got one of the trains with Philippa and that was super fun. Oh! And I met some lovely new people. The zombie guys behind me were nice and there was the man with the beard and camera! And Mister Thought Bubble. In fact, it’s looking like I’ll be selling stuff at Thought Bubble this year. Exciting!

Oh! And Special mention to Izzie who was the ONLY PERSON TO DO THAT DANCE ROUTINE. I mean, I spent ages devising a brilliant dance routine and only one person did it. Boo hoo hoo. I’ll never be a superstar choreographer at this rate. Oh – and Sam and Emma came to visit. Good work you two!

Sunday was slightly quieter which is just as well since I was shattered. I sold a fair few cuddly owls and tiny comics. I got through all my stickers for Dino-Saw-Us and we gave out all the all in all, it was a complete success. I even did a bit of socialising. Go me!

In conclusion: thanks to everyone for came to talk to me and buy stuff. Send me an email if you…um…something? Or whatever? Roll on next MCM Expo! HOORAY!

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Lizz said...

Empire!! wow!

Great write up, I never know what to say when I write about events but you summed the weekend up really well.

(PS The pants were GOOD!)