Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Question Time Pirate

Hello! I was planning to update the blog with a new drawing every day this week....but I was working super hard yesterday so I didn't get round to it. Sorry.

To make up for it - look! It's a Pirate! He loves to answer your questions. Today he answers one of the most famous questions in musical history: how do you solve a problem like Maria? Seriously - how?

I think the Question Time Pirate might appear some more...whenever I can draw him. Drawing time seems to be harder to come by at the moment. I guess I know what to do over the weekend. Sigh.

IN OTHER NEWS: I cut my finger whilst doing the washing up. Boo hoo. I've met some exciting people though! Oh! And my weekend was fantastic. Saturday was at work but in a fun way and then there were pancakes! Sunday was a trip to the a museum. It was really hot but I had some ice cream and then we had a picnic. And there was a band playing songs whilst we ate. YEAH!

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