Sunday, 13 June 2010

MCM Expo - Cosplayers!

Oh! I forgot to talk about some of the awesome costumes at MCM Expo... so here are some of my favourites.

Check them out! We know how much I la la love the Scooby Gang - and these four are dressed as them! YEAH! I saw Fred walking about at first and yelled at him to bring the rest of the gang over - which he did later on. Thanks Fred!

I don't need to go on about Scott Pilgrim do I? Ramona gets bonus points for the hammer. I really like that hammer.

Hahahahahahaha! After the October MCM Expo, I wrote about the costumes I wanted to see - one of those being Professor Layton. As if by magic - look! It's Professor Layton and Luke! I think they've got it!

My final photo is of King from Tekken! I'm not a Tekken fan and I thought he was Vega from Street Fighter (he wasn't wearing his cat head at the time). He made the costume himself and I think Lizz was particularly impressed with his pants.

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