Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Xena Warrior Princess: Battleplans

So I did a bit of drawing at the weekend and I've officially decided to upload a drawing every weekday...but only for this week. Today's drawing is of Xena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle. Maybe I'll draw Hercules at some point?

In other news - I've been feeling quite boo hoo about lots of things. I worry that I spend too much time trying to make stuff and not enough time actually doing regular things. And I'm always trying to learn new skills but rarely mastering one. Maybe I should spend some time just focussing on making songs or doing drawings or sewing owls until they get much better? Hmmm...

Speaking of multimedia - I signed up to HitRECord. Maybe I'll upload some old songs or something.

UPDATE: I uploaded an old song I made a long time ago onto my Tumblr. Check it out!

How are you?


Anonymous said...

those pics r awesome :)

leafychan said...

This is the cutest (and most accurate) xena comic ever! Please do some more! <3