Sunday, 6 June 2010

If I Was A Wizard

This was my entire weekend! The drawing and animating wasn't too painful but the sodding exporting and what not was HIDEOUS! I'm going to investigate making it look better since it looks much nicer on my computer...but I wanted to put *something* up otherwise I'd just feel lazy.

Let me know if you like it - I'll probably turn it into a comic too! HOORAY!


the erudite baboon said...

I cried a little at the end.

Pogo said...

It made me happy in a sad sort of way. Or sad in a happy sort of way. I can't decide. I very much liked it though :)

Joanna Fernandes said...

I have just discovered your site as I was looking through old my cardboard life comics. I have read all of them from the beginning till this one and they are great! I love your style and distasteful humour.

This animation was really lovely and sad at the same time. Make more they are great! I've bookmarked you now. =)