Sunday, 29 November 2009


On Friday morning at 4am, someone rang my phone. This has NEVER happened to me before and by the time I located my phone, it had stopped ringing. I was worried - what if it was an emergency? I texted the caller to see if they were okay...and they said everything was fine. PHEW!

Still, I emailed her first thing when I booted up the computer just to double check. Not only did she not remember calling me but by the sounds of it, she had the BEST NIGHT EVER! It sounded so amazing that I made this comic to document it - except I might have added in all the vomiting because I thought it was funny. And I don't even think she made it to the pole - I think she got chucked out first.

AMAZING! I want more emails from people telling me about their crazy nights! Better yet, I might start going out instead! What a terrifying prospect...

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