Friday, 20 November 2009

Jessica Fletcher Week: A Drawing By Theo!



Jessica Fletcher! You brazen hussy! We all love you and your uncanny ability to solve/commit all sorts of murders but really! No one needs to see your boob!

This awe-inspiring Jessica Fletcher was sent in by a man called Theo. I only met Theo on Wednesday (it's Friday today!) and I spent most of that meeting talking about my love of computer games and generally making a tit of myself. Clearly I made such an impression that Theo thought used this as his inspiration for a slightly spooky Jessica Fletcher...with a nork on display.

I'm sorry if you have nightmares after seeing this (don't look her in the eyes!) but I'm not sorry that Theo made this because it's pretty amazing.

Thanks Theo! I will pay you back with comics and the like!

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