Thursday, 19 November 2009

Jessica Fletcher Week: A Drawing By Geoff!

You know how there are some things that are just universally regarded as being brilliant? Well - this drawing combines two of them - in this case it's Jessica Fletcher and Optimus Prime the Transformer. If it has also involved a unicorn then it would have been put in a time capsule so future generations could marvel at it...

Everyone loved Transformers - even me. My favourites were the Dinobots and the evil ones that transformed into construction thingys. Oh and Soundwave too with his evil cassettes. "Watch out guys - that cassette is totally gonna get you!"

I did often worry though. Technology advances terribly quickly, right? Today's Wii is tomorrow's Spectrum ZX or whatever. So, what happens to the really early Transformers - the ones that transform into really obsolete things like a Ford Model T or that phone from The Matrix with the flip down panel? Do they just go back home or retire or something? You can't really be an undercover robot when what you turn into Pager. FAIL. Although it never bothered Soundwave and his cassette army did it?

ANYWAYS! This Jessica Fletcher was sent in by Geoff - the best animator ever.

Thanks Geoff! I'll pay you back someday!

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