Saturday, 7 November 2009


I went on a binge of making new characters and will post the results soon. The above robot appears in quite a lot of stuff I do - he even has his own mini-comic aboud Pi - but I worry that I neglect him a bit too much so I figure it would only be polite to draw him first.


I am possibly going to be at the ICA Comica Comiket with comics and owls and badges and stuff. I don't appear to be on the list of exhibitors which is a bit worrying but I got an email from the nice man who organises it saying that I have a quarter of a table to use... I don't get a quarter because I'm rubbish or anything - but there are lots of people so we'll all be squashed in... At least, I hope that's the reason. Regardless, come along! It's this Sunday the 8th o f November at the ICA from sometime to another time.

In other news, I never got that email I was waiting/hoping for but I *did* find my wallet.

Stay out of trouble

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