Sunday, 22 November 2009

Jessica Fletcher Week: A Drawing By Jonathan

Sorry for the late update but it turned out that today was Saturday and I tried to spend a little time away from Mister Computer. I hope you won't be too angry. I have some amazing Jessica Fletcher drawings to upload if that helps? I mean, it *is* Jessica Fletcher Week after all...

This sinister Jessica Fletcher has been sent in by Jonathan who runs a blog called I Suck At Drawing. WHAT A LIAR! You can't send in a Jessica Fletcher of such brilliance and then be all "boo hoo - I can't draw. Please pity me." Pfffft.

Jonathan gets bonus points for including the Sleuthing Coat!

Thanks Jonathan! I will get you Pop Tarts as a reward!

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Unknown said...

Hooray for poptarts!

Bonus Angela Lansbury facts, as recounted by none other than Bea Arthur:

"She was a class act and a real joy to work with. When I first met her I thought I was meeting this patrician, classically trained actor, but she has a mouth like a longshoreman. No kidding. She loved telling dirty limericks. She started in British music hall and taught me 'What Can You Get A Nudist For Her Birthday' and it's really saucy."