Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Jessica Fletcher Week: A Drawing By Bryony!

Look! It's a drawing of Jessica Fletcher! And it's Jessica Fletcher Week! I love it when things like this work out...

This awesome Jessica Fletcher is by Bryony. My stall at the MCM Expo was behind Bryony's and Lizz's and we had a chat - I think being surrounded by so many cosplayers bought us closer together. Plus I had Iced Gems and juice boxes! They make everyone friends.

So, it turns out that Bryony makes a all sorts of stuff - little fruit toys, super cute postcards, zines. You name it.  Obviously all the stuff she made is now eclipsed by this drawing of Jessica Fletcher. Nothing beats her! Especially not murder!

Thanks Bryony! I will buy you a cake one day!

1 comment:

Lizz said...

I love the small bottom left version of Jessica Fletcher's head! and the bottom middle one with the lumpy chin. I'd like badges of these. ha ha, great.