Sunday, 29 November 2009


I can't believe I forgot to post this picture and now it's too late because they got kicked out of the stupid X-Factor last week! I AM RUBBISH! So are they though...

So yeah. At the height of Jedwardmania, I drew this because I thought it was funny. Look at them - they look so stupid but they take themselves so seriously and their mentor (Louis Walsh) thinks he's some sort of genius - completely not realising that the public only like Jedward out of confused awe - NOT because of their non-existant talent or because of Louis' obviously amazing talent.

They made my brain hurt and they were awful and Louis Walsh is a moron...but The X-Factor is a lamer show without them.

NOTE: I particularly liked the bits where Louis said "I'm giving Jedward their hardest song EVER this week." Harder than what? The theme from Ghostbusters? Goodness me, how will they cope?

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Juan said...

they look quite like La Roux in your drawing... but that's ok because if you ever wanna make a comic about La Roux fighting zombies or whatever, you just have to copypaste one of them and change the hair colour.