Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bad Date #4

So - I left my job and instead of going on adventures and being super productive, I have become a bit of a slob. I had this epiphany this morning when I got out of bed at 13:00 and ate two slices of Chocolate Orange for breakfast. Bear in mind that I normally got out of bed at 6:00 and eat healthy porridge.


On the plus side, I'm pretty sure I've won the yearly game of Christmas Shopping. My work friends got good stuff. My non-work friends got good stuff. My family will get good stuff. I even wrapped things nicely - all brown postal paper and stickers. So, I am pretty much free to spend the next few weeks working my arse off on People I Know #10.

I started work on the grid layouts a few days ago. It's the most compact comic I've made so far - there are more panels-per-page and everything. On the downside, if I want to get it done in time for March, I'll probably be blogging a lot less... Don't cry! Don't cry! We'll still have Murder, She Wrote!

IN OTHER NEWS: I ate pancakes today! I'm officially declaring it the first ever Pancake Club! Once a month, from here on, I'll eat pancakes somewhere with friends and it will be awesome. Maybe I'll make us membership cards or something?

Also, I need to start dressing like a grown up.

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