Thursday, 31 December 2009

Review of the Year: Fairy Tail

THANK GOODNESS! This is the last part of my review of things I've enjoyed in 2009...and it's a Manga series! Yeah! In your face!

Fairy Tail is a weekly series about a guild of mgaicians that have big hearts...but they always seem to blow stuff up. Oh dear. The characters are all interesting and a lot of the power sets are inspired. I especially like Ezra and her ability to CHANGE OUTFITS REALLY QUICKLY!!! Also, it deserves high praise for finding inventive ways for the female characters to be sexy.

It's a pretty fun read and the artwork is impressive. I don't really know how it gets turned around so quickly. How depressing. Also - I totally used the JLS colour scheme for the picture. I hope JLS won't mind.

EDIT: I should write a thing abour Rose Elinor Dougall and her song 'Another Version of Pop Song.' I drew a picture of her because the song is amazing...but my picture wasn't. In fact, it's so bad I can't even post it here. Still - an amazing song. Good job Rose!

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