Thursday, 31 December 2009

Review of the Year: Lady Gaga

I think this is my penultimate portion of the Review of the Year. Hooray! Double hooray because it's about the creepy-cat-lady-gone-cool - Lady Gaga.

I appreciaite that some people love her and her some people hate her. I started off on the latter side...but then she released a seven minute long video where the c-word gets subtitled. Great! As if that wasn't enough, she then gets pushed off a balcony and returns doing a dance in a wheelchair and then on crutches. AND THEN she kills her boyfriend whilst dressed as Minnie Mouse.

Obviously the song (Paparazzi) is amazing too and since then, my powerful dislike of Lady Gaga disappeared - to be replaced by a sense of "goodness me - that Lady Gaga is quite something!"

A few months ago, she released The Fame Monster as a bonus disk with her debut album...and it was pretty much incredible. I was expecting a bunch of crappy remixes but it's pretty much just full of potential singles.

I have no idea how Lady Gaga will evolve in the future but I'm excited to see what she makes of herself. Anyone that can wear a polar bear cape / exploding bra / metal gyroscope thing and not look stupid is clearly someone to keep an eye on.

EDIT: I forgot to say that the attached comic is obviously about the rumours that Lady Gaga has man-parts. I don't know whether she does or not - but I have complete confidence that she could make it work.


Beth Gilbert said...

I can't believe it has been five years since you came to California! The time does fly. I still have the drawing you gave me. It was a proud moment to finally receive one. I'm certain you did the whole dorm first. In fact, you did. The drawing was for my (our?) birthday, June 1st. It's Beth by the way.

lauren price said...

I love this one! I'm using it as my desktop image, and I kind of want to print it out and put it on my wall.