Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Review of the Year: Toronto

Quick! The year is almost over and I've still got stuff to put into the Review of the Year.

In May, I went to Toronto! This was a big deal for so many reasons - the chief one being that I hadn't left the country since my trip to California...whichw as about five years previous!

I spent about ten days (I think) adventuring around the city and it was pretty incredible. I mean, it wasn't the freind-fest I thought it would be - no one stopped me on the street and demanded we become BFF (which is how I thought things in Canada would work) but I was there with someone brilliant and we did pretty much everything I wanted to.

This included all the touristy stuff - the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Casa Loma etc... but we also did some unexpected stuff. Toronto Islands on a sunner afternoon was pretty much magical. Fran's Diner has set the standard of pancakes so high that little else will do. I got to visit a bunch of Scott Pilgrim places too - Honest Ed's, Sneaky Dee's, the Toronto Reference Library. They are real and they exist and you can visit them.

I guess I should probably go on other holidays. It might not be as amazing as Toronto - but that's ok.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure I would have had a much less awesome time in Toronto if my friend wasn't there - so I'm thankful for his company. I don't think I can say thanks to him enough - so I'm sure saying it again won't hurt. Thanks! Thank you! Thanks!

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