Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Review of the Year: Piney Gir and The Yearling

I got my days muddled up so I might have to post a lot more if I want to get my Review of the Year up before 2010 comes along. Urnk.

I don't think I've made much of a secret about how awesome I think Ms. Piney Gir is. Not only is she one of the nicest (and well-dressed) people I've ever met but the music she makes is pretty much brilliant. Scrap that - it is brilliant.

2009 in particular is good proof of this as Piney released her third album 'The Yearling.' It's not the electronic popfest of her first album and it's a far cry from the country stomp of her second...but its organic-sounding electronics and spot on lyrics helped make it one of the best albums I've listened to all year. If you haven't already heard it then buy it. Like, now.

Have you bought it yet?

Piney has a website and a Myspace too!

EDIT: A long time ago, I made a comic about Piney Gir going to housesit a spooky house and finding some ghosts. I will find the files and get some small ones printed. That would be nice.

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