Monday, 28 December 2009

Review of the Year: iPhone

I've always been a bit of a mobile phone cynic. I was always on Pay As You Go and my phone was always brilliantly out of date. This all changed in April, when I decided that I needed a 'grown up phone' if I was ever going to get things done.

Enter: the iPhone

Before you jump to any conclusions about me being a massive twat, I should point out that I did all sorts of research into Fancy Phones. I spoke to people. I read reviews. I made cost projection graphs! In the end it was Mister iPhone that came out on top and I can confidently say that it was pretty much changed my life - although not always in a good way.

  • I can check my email on the go. No more having to turn on the computer and wait for it to load whenever I have the urge to look at my empty inbox
  • The maps function has proven to be a life saver on multiple occassions
  • The Apps Store is amazing. I can access all sorts of nonsense whenever I want - first aid advice, Twitter, an ocarina! It's all there...
  • My monthly spend hasn't gone up hideously from my PAYG days

  • I'm pretty much *always* checking my email now - which would be great if I actually had lots of emails to read...but I don't
  • The camera is rubbish
  • The battery life is even worse
  • I'm terribly paranoid about losing it
  • It hasn't made my eyesight any better.

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Lizz said...

So should I invest in one or stick with my Nokia 3200 (which was marketed to teenagers) charm beast of a phone? hmmm