Monday, 18 October 2010

Happy First Birthday! turns out that I started uploading drawings to my proper website a year ago yesterday! That's a whole year of website. How exciting.And although I've only recently started doing daily uploads, there are something like 200 drawings up there!

I was pretty late to the whole "getting a website," thing, even though I've been making my print comic for a while... But I've really enjoyed uploading drawings and seeing how they've been received. And the nice thing is that there are some super nice people out there who actually like my stuff! Thanks guys! I totally promise to keep trying my hardest. BFF FOREVER!

Speaking of trying my hardest, I start my new job this week. I bought myself a fancy notebook! Fingers crossed.

And since it's my website's first birthday, I have an exciting thing to reveal.

YES! That's right! I got tote bags made up! They are super cute and bright orange. Plus there is an owl on the front. And a pun. I'm pretty sure that this is the recipe for greatness.

The owl bags will be coming to MCM Expo, Comiket and Thought Bubble... so come along! And say hello.

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DC said...

Oooh! Congrats on reaching a year! :D That's also a super-cute tote bag! Waa! n.nb

Good luck on the new job! :)