Tuesday, 12 October 2010

He Ain't Heavy...

Hello! I have the day off work today! I'm going to do lots of sewing and lots of drawing and I may or may not attempt to cook some food. And by food, I obviously mean cookies. And to be honest, my cooking abilities are not high. I think being scared of pretty much everything involved in cooking (knives, hot things, eggs) makes the whole process a bit tricksy.

ANYWAYS! Here is a new drawing. It probably isn't obvious, but I totally tried using a different colour scheme than usual. It was meant to look a bit like Autumn... *awkward silence*

IN OTHER NEWS: I socialised this evening. I met up with some old work pals and we took part in a pub quiz. We came second! And the team that won had about twenty people in it... Well done us! Oh! And I'm tagging this under "boo hoo," because I don't like leaving the tags empty... I'm not actually sad.


DC said...

Aww, poor brother :( Yes, nice fall colors! Woot woot!

How'd the game go? Sadly, I wasn't able to participate xD Haha!

Holly said...

Were you by any chance inspired by Great British Bake Off? :o

Timothy Winchester said...

Hello Holly!

I haven't seen any of the Great British Bake Off...mainly because it would make me ashamed and sad of how rubbish I am at baking. Is it worth watching?