Monday, 25 October 2010

Saving the World


I had a fun weekend. It was busy and I didn't get as much done as I was meant to...but it was fun, and that's important. Saturday was spent stuffing owls and watching television. I did some drawing too. There's one drawing which is just really weird - even by my standards. It's pretty just a whole page of pirates. And there's a boat? And I don't remember drawing it... Hmmm...

Then Sunday was a pal's birthday and we went to the cinema to see the Book of Masters - the first Russian-produced Disney film.

The film, like my drawing, is BIZARRE! Great - but WEIRD. I liked the talking ball of string the best. And the mermaid with the magic hair. I didn't like the fact that the susbtitles were in white and sometimes you couldn't see them. Oh! And my popcorn was pretty nasty-tasting.

So it's a new week - and don't forget, it's MCM Expo at Halloween weekend! Will I see you there?

Stay out of trouble

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DC said...

OM NOM NOM - best comic line evar! HAHAHA! Great comic, as usual n.nb