Friday, 1 October 2010

Prank Call

Look! I tried being adventurous and drew hands on someone. And LOOK CLOSER! There are rolls of fat. How realistic!!! I mean, it's like looking at a really real person. Wowsers.

Anyways. Yeah. Bizarre day. Lots to think about. Lots to sort out. And it's sodding October!!!

Which reminds me: remember that fun game I set up? Well, the closing date is on the 3rd of October if you want to send me your answer.

IN OTHER NEWS: I really do have lots to sort out. Ho hum...


DC said...

Wahahahaha, Ursula looks great! Rolls of fat FTW! Osm osm n.nb Cute comic, too :D

Hope I can combat my laziness at some point or another, just so I can participate in the game xD Woot woot, lol :P

Lizz said...

I think this is my favourite People I know comic strip EVER! I laughed a lot. I hope she is at MCM this October again (a year since we met btw! wowsa!)