Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wizarding Wednesday #3

It's Wednesday! There are Wizards! That can only mean one of two things - all my dreams have finally come true and I can enroll in Hogwarts...or it's Wizarding Wednesday!

This is obviously great news! Everyone loves Wizard Wednesday...except for poor Toby. Of course he can't join in - he isn't a wizard. He's just a sad dinosaur. Boo hoo hoo.

ANYWAYS. I had Tuesday off work. I was going to do lots and lots of sewing but in the end, I learnt how to make multi-paged PDFs! It's for a top secret, super-exciting project which you will hear all about once I've actually got it all sorted. So I'll just spend my next day off work sewing... which is handy since I have booked Wednesday off work! YEAH!

Also, I have decided that I need to leave the country at some point next year. I'm scared of pretty much everything but I've been sort of adventurous this year. I went to Birmingham, Oxford and Edinburgh! Plus I'm going to Leeds in November. But next year I will be brave and go on a mini holiday or something! YEAH!

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