Friday, 22 October 2010

Justin Bieber: Gotta Catch 'Em All

It's Friday! Which would normally mean it's time for the weekend... except I'll be spending most of my weekend in front of the sewing machine as I try to get things ready for MCM Expo. YEAH!

Speaking of yeah - all my comics have arrived now. Some of the covers and sizes are a bit different to what I was harping on about a few days ago - but that's ok. It just means you're getting limited editions or something?

Oh - and here is a drawing about Justin Bieber. And he's referencing Pokemon! Pokemon was a MASSIVE part of my childhood - so I can sort of sympathise with the Bieber Fans. They too will feel a bit silly when they grow up and find all their trading cards and plush toys in the attic

IN OTHER NEWS: I did my first week at New Job! I think it's been OK? No one has kicked me and I still haven't cried. Phew.


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DC said...

LOL, FINALLY! A Bieber comic! Mwahahaha!

Darn, you got your stuff in the attic? You should show 'em off, loud and proud like! LOL!

Great to hear you did fine on your new job!! n.nb