Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Making Out

It's Tuesday...and I'm start to worry since there's still a bumload of stuff I need to do before MCM Expo. Except there isn't the time. Where has the time gone? Did someone steal it? Boo hoo. I want my time back!

But yes. Monday was a busy day. I did lots of work. In fact, I was quite angry since I got an earlier train to work so I could be super early...except my trains took ages to get anywhere so I got an early train for nothing. That train totally stole some of my time - and I'd like it back.

To make up for it, I had to svae lots of time in the evening by doing lots of stuff. I sewed labels onto bags and I made another giant owl. Oh! And I received some amazing photos...but I'm saving them for later. They are amazing though.

IN OTHER NEWS: It's bed time.

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DC said...

That was definitely a spit-out-your-hot-choco moment. And to think, I was just talking about "make up" with a friend of mine earlier! The friendly, forgiving "make up", mind you >_> Thanks for the lol!