Monday, 20 December 2010

Emma: Victoria

It's Monday and guess who's on holiday! Yep - me! Woooooo! And to celebrate - here's a drawing of Emma! I think this is her third drawing so she's pretty much a regular character now, right?

Anyways - hello! What an odd weekend. It mega-snowed on Friday night and all through Saturday so my plans were mostly ruined. On the plus side, I did lots of planning for my next project. I've got three on the go now, which is a lot of work. I'm even asking someone to help out with one of them so I hope 2011 ends up being as exciting as I'm planning it to be... if that makes sense?

And Sunday was Sunday! And now it's over. I caught up with some episodes of Misfits which is ace if you haven't already watched it. There was more snow. I tried to finish my Christmas shopping. All terribly thrilling.

THE BIG QUESTION: How do you feel about Victoria Sponge? Is it your favourite cake? Your second-favourite? Your least favourite? I would like to know!


Graham Johnson said...

Bleugh, least favourite cake.

Bloo said...

Most favouritest!