Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Review of 2010: Comic-Making Friends!

It's Tuesday and that means...well...it's not Monday or Wednesday or any of the other days of the week? But it also means that it's another day of my Review of 2010! And this is an odd one since it's not so much of a review... rather, it's a sort of 'thank you.'

I've been making comics for a few years. They started off as some pen and paper stuff that bypassed the computer and went straight to the photocopier. I made them for friends and for fun and I'm really happy with how it all went. But it's been something like four years since I made the first issue and only one year since I've had a proper website and been paying it proper attention, and in that one year I've met some really great people.

I mean, I didn't really spend those other years sobbing or anything. Sorry. I have amazing friends! But I *am* really glad that I've had the chance to meet people that like making stuff, just like me. I hope I get to meet more lovely people in the New Year. And the ones I've drawn above - well, you should be able to recognise yourself. Obviously, my drawings are so realistic, how could you not?

So yeah - thanks to everyone who came out for burgers, or played board games or took part in Jessica Fletcher Week or went on a mega walk with me. I really appreciate it!


Lizz said...

I see me!!! And Philippa! Also, that is my dream hair. WOO! Hopefully 2011 will be even more faces.

Michael Leader said...

I see a good sample of beards there. I approve.