Friday, 3 December 2010

Jessica Fletcher Week 2010: Day Five

I'm sorry to report that today is the last day of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010. I hope you've enjoyed it. I know I have - it's been great seeing all these exciting submissions. And maybe you've even found some great blogs to read or websites to visit along the way? I certainly hope so! As for today's drawing, anyone who has watched an episode of Murder, She Wrote knows that every episode ends the same way - with Jessica laughing. It sounds like nightingales singing a classic Celine Dion number - yes, it's *that* beautiful. What a lovely noise... *sigh*

But enough about me - here are today's submissions for Day Five of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010:
First up - it's David O'Connell! As well as being a mega-talented drawing-dude, David is also an old pro at Jessica Fletcher Week: he sent in a rather spooky Jessica last year! I didn't think he could really improve on that drawing - but check out this lot! We've got four lady detectives in the same drawing! And look how cute they are! You could almost mistake this drawing for a screenshot of America's Next Top Model or something. Jessica Fletcher would easily win that too, especially in that suit. But yes - a brilliant drawing. Thank you so much David!

What's that? You want *more* cute? Well then, how about some Lizz Lunney for you? Like David, Lizz was kind enough to send in a drawing for last year's Jessica Fletcher Week - and just like David, Lizz has managed to surpass her previous submission. I mean, a Jessica Fletcher theme tune?!?! Yes please! I would listen to that. I would dance to that. All together now: Jessica Fletcher - so wise! Jessica Fletcher - so old! Jessica Fletcha-cha-cha - so coooOOOOooool!

Right then - enough with the cute - if  you want a Jessica so sassy that she makes Beyonce look like a wet mop, this is the Fletcher for you! Sent in by the hideously talented (and lovely) Felt Mistress, I think we can detect some 80s influences with this Jessica. I'm talking about the era, not Jessica's age in years. Yes - look at the bright pink background, the giant collar, the earrings. I would say that this Jessica Fletcher is about to solve a murder in Dallas (the television show) or something. Ugh - I would pay good money to see that crossover. I would also pay good money to buy Felt Mistress some cake to say thank you!

So we've had cute and we've had sassy - but how about puntacular? Because this drawing by the lovely Nick made me wet myself and kick myself at the same time. How have I never thought of this pun before? Why was it someone else that has drawn Jessica Fletcher dressed as Gandalf? Ugh. I am such an idiot. Or maybe Nick is just a genius? Yes - that must be it. Phew. As proof of Nick's genius, he also sent in a Monster during the Summer event I did. Thanks Nick - I acknowledge you as my superior when it comes to puns.

This lovely Jessica was sent in by Lex. Look at the details on that hand. It makes me sick. One day, I'll be able to draw hands - then you'll see! But until that happens, we can spend more time with Lex's lovely Jessica. You're all familiar with the hat and magnifiying glass by now (you better be!) but I also think Lex has done a very good job of depicting Jessica's determination. She is going to solve the living daylights out of this mystery! You can do it, Jessica! We believe in you!

You know how they say that eyes are the window to the soul? Well, this Jessica Fletcher makes me feel like a Peeping Tom - showing her soul off to the whole world! Only kidding - this super cute Jessica was sent in by the super cute Camila. Camila is the Queen of Comics in my mind - she knows what's going on, who makes what and what Jessica Fletcher would say in my dreams. As well as knowing about comics, Camila is also super nice. I will do my best to make good comics next year so we can talk about stuff. Thanks for everything Camila!!

WATCH OUT KITTY! Jessica Fletcher is after you with her laser eyes! And it looks like she means business! What did you do? You must have murdered someone - that is the only explanation as to why such a sweet-natured woman would try to microwave you. Oh dear. This dangerous drawing was sent in by Crispin Finn - who you may remember from last year! This drawing gets bonus points for using white text on orange - I'm a sucker for that. It's like the lemon drizzle cake of design! Love it. But now I'm hungry and thinking about cake...

OMG OMG OMG! Yes - I'm OMGing at the brilliant Jessica, as drawn by the tremendous talents of Amber, but I'm also OMGing at my own stupidity. Although I had a system so I knew what Fletchers got uploaded when, new Fletchers kept arriving and I got confused and totally forgot to upload Amber's amazing Fletcher. Until now. Amber - I'm sorry. You know it's not because I'm an awful person. It must have been my subconscious feelings getting revenge for the fact you never took me to the drive in. Boo hoo hoo. But also, HOORAY because this Jessica is super fancy. And I love her magnifying glass background. That's so Jessica! In other news: Amber and I met in California so this Jessica has winged it's way over here from the good old US of A! What an international week this has turned out to be. Thanks (and sorry!) Amber!

We've seen typewriters! We've seen magnifying glasses! But have we seen Jessica Fletcher wielding a gun? No we have not. At least, not until Pablo got a hold of her! In Pablo's mind, Jessica is quite the angry lady. She's had enough of people reading other mystery books. She doesn't spend all day at the sodding typewriter so you can NOT read her books! It's for this reason that I have not read any book ever - just so as not to upset Jessica. I haven't even read a Stieg Larsson book! And even if I wanted to, I can't now since Pablo has shown me what will happen! *gulp* Oh! And I forgot to mention that Pablo is the final member of Juan's elite crack squad of Spanish drawers! Juan says that Pablo is super cool and that they've been friends for ages. I don't know whether Pablo has a beard or not so I can't comment on that. Either way, thanks Juan! Thanks Pablo!

After all that anger, how about a nice cup of tea? What's that, Jessica? You've already got one? Why, you are a smart gal, aren't you? Well, you're a smart gal as drawn by the lovely Dan. Dan is a super-talented drawer who is doing a great Advent Countdown at the moment. I can't wait for him to make a comic - just like he promised me he would, right Dan? I mean, Jessica Fletcher wouldn't want you to waste your talent - and would you really want to disappoint her? No you would not!

Remember that time I got a review? Well, Christian, the guy who wrote it, was kind enough to send in this Jessica Fletcher! I might not know a lot about colour design or anything, but he has clearly gone for a super directional look that embodies the eternal quest for truth that Jessica undergoes. Either way, this Jessica also includes a rude joke for you! Everyone's happy! Thank you Christian!

Believe it or not, I went to Oxford this year to attend Caption! I had a great time and was excited about seeing somewhere that wasn't London  (or my bedroom) - but the real exciting story was that I met some nice people! One of them was Jack! And look - he's even sent in a Jessica Fletcher Week, that's how nice he is! Thank you Jack! And yes, Happy Jessica Fletcher Week everyone!

It looks to me that this Jessica Fletcher is out to solve a mystery... a mystery in your pants! That's why she's totally giving you sexy eyes! And if you want further proof, she's even put on her best earrings and done her make up all fancy. She's totally after you. I'd be jealous if I wasn't busy being in awe of Dan's incredible drawing talent. He's a super nice dude but also one of the hardest workers - I don't think he ever stops, to be honest. And he was also nice enough to help me with some pen questions. What an all-round brilliant guy. And what an all-round great Jessica. And by 'great,' I obviously mean 'arousing.'

You know how I love orange? You know how I love Jessica Fletcher? Well, someone had the smart idea of putting my two favourite things together! And that person is the lovely Palmer! He's drawn everyone's favourite detective as a svelte glamazon - ready to solve mysteries with her trusty magnifying glass and a sensible sweater. She can do anything she wants! Thank you very much for this, Palmer! You are owed so many pancakes, it's not even funny!

As well as loving the colour orange, I believe I have already expressed my love for Dr. Mark Sloan from Diagnosis: Murder. What a great guy! He would be the perfect match for Jessica - they're both super smart, hardworking people of a mature age who happen to be able to sing Disney songs! Well, Philippa Rice agrees with me on this so it must be true... oh... hang on...

Oh no! The perfect couple! The dream team! Boo hoo. But no one else is good enough for her!!! Is she destined to grow old(er), all alone? What an upsetting thought. Boo hoo hoo. Thanks for breaking my heart, Philippa!

So... this is nearly the final Jessica Fletcher drawing for Jessica Fletcher Week 2010. And isn't it a corker! Drawn by that rising-star Luke Pearson. This drawing has everything - a typewriter, a confused-looking Jessica, a WHOLE BUNCH of murder and even a cameo by me! Can you spot me? I hope so! But yes - Luke has once again worked his magic on something. Thanks Luke! I can't wait to high five you whilst you draw more pictures for me. Lots of pictures. A million pictures! All for me!!!

You know how I've spent quite a lot of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 talking about Jessica's eyes, chin or magnifying glass? Well, please indulge me just one more time, OK? Because this Jessica Fletcher was sent in by Michael Kupperman - a proper drawer who even has his own Wikipedia page! He's used his drawing skills to pay homage to Jessica and her magnifying glass - but in particular, her wrinkly eyes. It's a little known fact, but I read once that Jessica often uses these eye wrinkles to hypnotize people into confessing to murders they didn't commit. It makes sense when you think about it. I'm really excited that Michael sent this in and I'm sorry that I pestered him on Twitter about it. But it was totally worth it. Michael - I promise not to badger you for another drawing of Jessica Fletcher for at least 11 months! Until then, I totally owe you one.

This is officially the final Jessica Fletcher of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010... and it's pretty fitting that it is from Juan - the guy who submitted the first Jessica Fletcher last year. Not only that, but he sent this in the mail from Spain and even got the lovely Juanjo, Pablo and Jose to send in brilliant drawings. Now that's dedication! And look at his Jessica! She's in Madrid and you just know that she's about to solve a murder. And that camera around her neck will help somehow - because that's the sort of gal our Jessica is. A brilliant one. Who solves murders and goes jogging and can type like a demon. But yes - Juan, thanks for all the hard work! I can't wait to see what you do next year! Maybe you and your friends could make a musical or something?

So yeah...that's it. Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 is officially over! And wasn't it a blast? And if you still want to draw a Jessica, then maybe I can schedule in a special bonus day next week? It's up to you. The important thing is that everyone had a nice time. I know I had a brilliant week - it was amazing to get so many submissions. Amazing and a little surprising! Also, I really do recommend Murder, She Wrote as a television show. It is good fun. Stop being such a snob and enjoy it!

Thanks again to everyone that submitted something! I hope I included everything - it all got a bit hectic! And thanks to everyone that swung by to read it! Like my drawing says at the top of this page, you best start preparing for next time...


Pablo said...

Wow! Can't wait for Jessica Fletcher Week 2011! Nice job, I definitely had a great time this week. And thanks for your words!


DC said...

Cute comic <3

Kate said...

Since everyone Jessica knows always gets killed, I've wondered if she is actually a secret serial killer D: