Thursday, 16 December 2010

Review of 2010: Adventures

It's Thursday and it's another instalment in my Review of 2010. This one gets a special mention since I'm typing it on my phone instead of the computer. This is because I went to another Christmas Party and I need to save time! That is two Christmas Parties so far and there is another one on Friday! Anyone might think it's Christmas or something! How will I cope?! Also, typing on the phone is a bit of a pain.

Anyways. Yeah. I've already harped on about how lovely it has been to make comic-making friends and this is sort of related. Because in 2010, I went on a good few adventures - often with those new comic-making pals.

The drawing is about that time my pals and I went to Mount Superfun and saw a lumpy deer. That was great fun! But I went to other places too - notably Caption in Oxford, an exciting work thing in Edinburgh and Birmingham Zine Festival in... well... Birmingham, obviously? There's Thought Bubble too but that still needs a proper entry.

So yes - for someone that rarely ventures out, this year was great for adventures. I saw new places, got creeped out by new things and forgot to take photos of new buildings. I really hope I can do a bit more travelling in 2011 - even if it's within Great Britain. And I wouldn't mind visiting Canada again or California or anywhere you suggest.

I could probably write more but typing on the train is annoying and pretty weird. The guy next to me is sleeping and his head is gravitating to the lady opposite him's lap. I don't think she approves. Awkward.

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