Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wizarding Wednesday #9

Don't worry guys, it's Wizarding Wednesday! Those terrible jokes from Tuesday have been and gone... Although I'm more than a little surprised that the comments were so positive. I'm assuming that you're being kind and not wanting to upset me. If so - thank you very much. Maybe I'll turn Tuesday into Terrible Tuesday or something? Maybe not. Either way, I've got more of those terrible jokes to upload. Just you wait!

But more importantly - look! Today's drawing features a wizard and some nerds. I assume the nerds are teenagers - otherwise, why did I draw them so small? As for autotuning - I was talking to someone about how it's getting to the point where every funny clip I watch online is autotuned. When I rattled off some examples (I even tried to sing some of them) - they looked confused and it turned out they hadn't heard anything the Bed Intruder song or Double Rainbow! What the what?

For future reference, one of my favourites is this:

IN OTHER NEWS: I went to a Christmas party and it was on someone's boat! A boat which was also their house! A house boat! Wowsers! That's almost as exciting as the fact that I actually went to a party...


DC said...

EEEEE super-cute-wizard-cry is <3

Unknown said...

Auto-tune the news is awesome

me and my band did a cover of the Double rainbow song live on the radio

(click to listen to a recording of it, its the top on of the 2 recordings, but you can listen to both if you like :P)

its now a regular part of our set (with drums and everything yay)

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see Wizarding Wednesday I find it difficult not to admire his stubble...oh the wizardy stubbley goodness.